Thursday, February 14, 2008

Merry Christmas/The Unveiling of B. W. Buffett

We start, as you can imagine, if start is the right word (and if imagine is, likewise the right word), with this:

This you may find amusing:

And finally, for your viewing pleasure, in full, double-clickable, high resolution, is something that will very much resemble the final black and white, obscured box painting of Warren Buffett:

Now a close look tells you a lot. First of all, the blacks are actually black. For the life of me I can't figure out how to render them in a compellingly rich version here on TYOMP. Second, obviously we are not done--the collar, tie and suit jacket are barely there. As a way to triplet this painting with its two colored brethren, I'll use the same shirt/jacket/tie treatment as Big Alan and Big Ben.

Then there is the raging question of how much to do with the image itself at this point. For example, the general tone of the right eye is darker than that of the left. But when you see it in real life, you say--or at least I do--something like "Whoa, Nellie." The suggestion being that it's actually pretty good without much touch-up. Likewise his caved-in right ear. And the complete absence of the rim of his glasses in Square 8. And all that business, predicted earlier, going on between squares ten and eleven.

Me? I'm chewing on the whole thing for a while.

Finally, there's the matter of the title. I'm going to chew on this. We are floating in the vicinity of B. W. Buffett, but that is full of problems. We were earlier considering The Warren Commission, which I still like. In metallic silver for this one, however, rather than iridescent gold. But, push comes to shove, I like the idea of some thing like "Big Warren (What the Hell Are You Fucking Idiots Doing With My Economy?) I"--but that's a little long.

All this said, my Maps/Massle Curve is flat-lined. Which is good, if you understand the thinking behind Maps/Massle.


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