Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Some dog named WireImage wins W'minster Dog Show

How 'bout this: a beagle wins the Westminster Dog Show for the first time.

Apparently, despite appearances, the dog's name is Uno, not WireImage. Which would, one has to admit, be an odd name for a dog.

This, for the record, is the painting I did of my daughter's late, and sadly still missed, beagle Zoe:

What I liked more about Zoe--speaking on a purely visual level--was that she was a brown, black, white mixture. Uno appears to be only brown and white. I wonder if this is a male/female chromosome thing. Years ago I owned a male three-color cat named Moose. When we would tell the vets that Moose was a boy, they would not believe us until they conducted the between-the-legs visual inspection. Then they would go in the other room and say to the other vet, "Hey, you gotta come look at this." Moose had, if memory serves, something called Kleinfelder Syndrome--meaning a male with an extra chromosome that enables it to sprout hair in three colors. Regular males can, apparently, only do two.

So maybe that's what's up with Uno. Of course I could be completely wrong.

What an odd name for a dog--Gettyimages.

Me? I like a three-color beagle.


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