Sunday, June 15, 2008

Father's Day

Here on Father's Day, I couldn't be happier to be a father. A rough outline of the related celebrations:

Thursday--Went with my next-to-oldest (duration, not age) friend Ken to Bay Head and sprinkled most of what was left of Dad into the Atlantic, then into Barnegat Bay. For you obsessives, Bay Head is in New Jersey.

Here's what the ancestral home looks like today. When I spent time there, the shingles were a dark, dark slate blue and the trim was white. Much nicer looking. Also, back in the day, there was a small boardwalk that connected all the houses on the ocean side. Now it's been replaced by a pretty massive sand dune. Massive enough so that you can't even see the main floor--what you see here are the second and third floors. I used to sleep on the third floor, all the way to the left. The dormer that's there now didn't exist at the time.

The shot, by the way, was taken with my feet more or less in the Atlantic. Moments later I called my brother Nick to tell him Dad had been suitably deposited in the drink.

For you obsessives, Ken's family's house is the one to the left.

This is a quick shot of the Bay Head Yacht Club.

Were I to turn 90 degrees left, you would see the main Clubhouse, if that's the right word. To my right 90 degrees is the spot where we tossed Dad. Directly ahead is a prime example of what I think is called a B-Cat, which might have once been called a BugEyed Cat, although on this I could easily be wrong.
That, and a lot of other stuff.
Yes. Thanks for the reminder.
Anyway, when I was a boy, I sailed a Barnegat Bay Sneakbox--a 16 foot gaff-rigged catboat with a really big sail. There are very few Sneakboxes left, as near as I can tell. These B-Cats look like sailboats for pussies. I preferred a raw-er experience. That is to say, more raw. Less cooked.

Friday--rest from the rigors of Thursday

Saturday--Celebrated Father's Day with the girls. Uneventful, but couldn't have been lovelier. That's both the day and the girls. Later that day I made great progress on "The Annotated Bernanke," which is now available for viewing here for the first time:

It is obviously not finished.

Sunday--Concluded the celebration by having brunch next door, staring out at the people who were caught in the line squall that rolled through Park Slope, reading the Times, drinking a glass of Champagne.

When the Times is as done as it's gonna get, I'll repair to the studio.


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