Monday, October 27, 2008

The Fallen Prince is done

I've closed "The Fallen Prince." I did so earlier today after transcribing twelve suggested annotations from the comments section of Dealbreaker.

Dealbreaker-brokered annotations are indicated with either the number of the comment (#3, for instance) or, more frequently the letters DB in parentheses. Two of my favorites:

--I am not Yoda (found near his ear on the right side of the painting)

--They should have brought that fucker in with leg irons. Our forecasting isn't 100%. Fuck you - exuberate this. (found in four sections, connected by arrows, cascading down the left side)

A friend of mine passed me in the studio and tut-tutted me, saying "That's cheating." I'm not sure if it is cheating; after all, if somebody comes back on the street and wants to add another annotation or modify an earlier one, I always say yes. Plus, I always provide the first annotation, so I am an annotator as well as the painter. Shouldn't I get the same treatment?

Anyway, I rarely write anything on these paintings after my first annotation unless I am writing on behalf of someone else. That said, I end up writing quite a bit. You can sometimes tell the similarity of the handwriting.

Anyway, it's not cheating.

Most troubling post? Woody Alan Greenspan (on the very right margin). Man, once you get Woody in your head it's hard to let go.

Big Alan is still for sale. $15,000. My email is


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