Thursday, October 16, 2008

Pieces of Sarah

This four-panel thing is called "Pieces of Sarah." I am donating it to the Brooklyn Artist's Gym fund-raising event titled Brooklyn 111. You should buy a ticket. The recipient of the proceeds is the B.A.G. fund, which provides art space and equipment for lower-income kids with artistic promise.

The idea is that the painting(s) will be annotated during the next week or so at various events in the BAG sphere of activities, then be separated so that each painting is available, during the Brooklyn 111 event, for grabbing by attending donors. It is easy to see the split separating the right side from the left. If you look closely you can also see a horizontal seam. Thus there are actually four canvases. I don't however, think it qualifies as a quadriptych--if that's the word. Don't they all have to be joined in a linear manner to "...iptych" classification?

The theory buried somewhere in here is that you--and I mean YOU--can own a genuine Geoff Raymond for only $200.

Hard to say no to that.

In a perfect world, the painting would be better. But hey, I'm still working on it. We'll see. I can't decide whether to keep it clamped together during the painting and just pretend it's one canvas, or separate them and let each panel evolve away from the other three.

The annotation I have planned for the upper right panel will be: "Shit! I can see Russia from here!"

Who wouldn't pay 200 bucks for that?


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