Monday, October 20, 2008

My Sarah Palin fundraiser

The color correction seems to escape me,  but here is "Pieces of Sarah"--my four panel annotated portrait of a person less likely to be Vice President than Joe Biden.   As perhaps hs been discussed previously, the painting gets annotated as a whole, then separated during the auction.

Auction is actually the wrong word.  But anyway, that's the plan.

I don't know why it's so dark.  But speaking of the darkness at the edge of town, herewith is the first version of my Greenspan portrait, tentatively titled "The Dark Prince."  

He looks a little like that strange British actor whose name is, I think, Rowan Atkinson.  

In any case, it is with interest that I watch the darkness of the lower half of his face get darker and darker as the rest of the paint goes on.  This, as noted, is an early version.  It's way darker now.  Blues and purples--all the cool stuff.  You should see it.

I'm trying to limit my palette to reds, whites and blues, just to make Andrea Mitchell happy.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I cant seem to make your "Contact me" work. I dont have outlook and on my mac I cant see the email address.

Anyway, I shook your hand behind Deutsche Bank as you displayed you Maurice Greenberg oil.

I am interested very much in "The Dark Prince". Can you provide your email address?

3:16 PM  

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