Monday, October 27, 2008

Man, I am tired

Man, I am genuinely tired. I'm beat. Gobsmacked (that's not really the right word). Something else. None of them good.

I mean, since Lehman Brothers blew up I think I've painted 9 paintings for annotation. Somebody recently asked me the famous question (which she, in her defense, prefaced as such): "How do you know you are done?"

The answer, as it was with "The Screaming Pope," should not be: "I finished it last night because today it's being shot for a news piece."

This, I am here to tell you, is the wrong way to conduct one's affairs. That said, I like Big Hank Paulson quite a bit. But I did finish it because of a deadline imposed by The Today Show. Not actually imposed by them, both they and I would be quick to point out, but de facto imposed because Big Hank was the painting they filmed me painting in my studio and it was, if only for continuity sake, the one I wanted them to shoot the next week getting annotated in the street.

So there you are.

Left, I was thinking, on the cutting room floor? Sarah Palin's big painting, which still isn't done. I looked at it this weekend and basically said fuck it, I'm done with annotated paintings until the spring.

But then I was looking around the studio this morning and thinking I really needed to just finish that last one; finish out my election series (at least for now). Then I walked outside and headed toward Sonia's (beef stew on yellow rice with beans--five bucks) and it was such a blissfully warm day.

Anyway, the upshot is that you can look for Big Sarah on Wall Street on Thursday and Friday of this week. Perhaps one other location early next week. And then the election will be done, and so will I.

Because I am really tired.


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