Thursday, April 30, 2009

And this from Spain

Odd how we were just talking about Helicopter Ben and here comes something from a Spanish blog about art (I think). I used the Google Translator to its usual excellent effect. The thing works great in every way except for generating a comprehensible translation. I take my hat off.

Still ...


Publicado por: misterd | 30/04/2009 Posted by: misterd | 30/04/2009 | |

Leaving the building of the New York Stock Exchange, one can find a character, Geoffrey Raymond, who invited him to give his testimony in a box. A note, a message. The painting is a portrait of any person related to the current market situation: the crisis. The technique used is inspired by (or stolen from) Jackson Pollock, with a radical difference: the figuration, and Raymond is something called your job Financial Expressionism. The striking look of the matter is that people's participation and see this as a way to create an artistic work is also a historical document.

You can also see the news in the New York Times.


The case, if I may say, is that, outside of the resources used by this artist have already been used by others to get support, where people sign and write messages (not too lenient, in fact) to re - , usually barons managed to finance their backs, say, non-transparent. The media has succeeded Raymond as worthwhile as a complaint, the transports and interactivity in order to work, which gives it its true value. I take my hat off.

I think it's a positive review.


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