Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Bobbsey Twins; Day Three

This is Blue Paulson and The Reexamined Fuld, each after a warm-up day on Wall Street last week and Monday and Tuesday in front of the OLB this week.

This a gag photo--me, standing behind the two paintings, shooting our reflection in the window of a store that wasn't the Gap but was something like that. You can see the sun shining on my hair just below the white lettering on the mannequin's t-shirt.

Oddest comment of the day?

Somebody from Lehman wrote "Good Call" above Paulson's head.

You can see it next to the top-most sun-flare (the technical term for when paint seems to erupt from the area of the intended image into the white space).

What are the chances of a Lehman guy (word used here without gender distinction) telling Paulson he'd made the right call? I mean really.


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