Tuesday, May 25, 2010

St. Christopher/Your Assignment for Today

Chris Dodd. Work in progress...

My daughter, who should know better, said the cutest thing to me yesterday. She was looking at my incipient painting and asked, "Is it finished?"

Clearly no. It's barely started, in fact (although this image is a couple of layers behind where the painting stands now). I only flash it across the screen for one purpose. And that would be to call your attention to this:

Now THAT's a painting!

Actually it makes my eyes to bleed, just to look at it. But it eventually got annotated; first just the white area and then later, when I decided I didn't like the halo blank-yellow, in there as well.

Nonetheless, I always did like the idea of melding what I do with religious iconography. And although St. Timothy is a flawed work (but aren't we ALL flawed, dear reader?), it has it's charms.

And St. Timothy might be more interesting (although I think what I'm about to propose is preposterous on one hand and artistically corrupt in the worst sense of the phrase on the other), if it were part of a series, so to speak.

So now, finally at the point of the post, I'm thinking of putting a halo around Dodd's head and calling him St. Christopher.



Blogger david1082 said...

"As an experimental symbolistic prototype for a future series of ironical sublimations of the post-postmodern zeitgeist, St. Timothy works on a number of levels. I haven't worked out which levels yet, but maybe in time. Meanwhile, enjoy some basketball."

11:27 AM  

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