Thursday, March 03, 2011


I'm sure you are as worried as I am about the hospitalization of Jackie Stewart for ticker-related problems. God bless the man.

The only actual Grand Prix I ever actually attended was at Watkins Glen in, I think, 1973. It was a thrill to see Stewart steam by with that green and red tartan stripe around his white helmet and his Elf-Tyrrell in full wail. Maybe it was a Lotus. Maybe it was an Elf-Tyrrell Lotus--memory fails me. It was the loudest thing I can remember ever hearing.

Sadly, his teammate, Francois Cevert, went off the course during practice, hit a tree and died. Stewart (not then Sir Jackie), having already accumulated enough points to win that year's Driver's Championship, elected not to run.

Stewart later became one of the truly influential voices in increasing F1 driver (and by extension, course) safety. Check out his helmet.

All of which makes me think about toddling up to the Albany/Rensselaer train station sometime this summer, grabbing the most convenient train to Montreal, and attending the Canadian Grand Prix. I think its a two or three hour ride.

I'd like to see Michael Schumacher in person once. Likewise those beautiful red Ferraris, stuffed with people like Fernando Alonzo and Felipe Massa.

I get the urge to paint one every once in a while. In the meantime, I have this commission to complete:

You may remember her :

It is gratifying that she like the first one enough to buy a second.


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