Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Au Revoir, Geithner

Much like CBGB's or the Mud Club, I don't have time for Geithner right now. Besides, he won't be stepping down for a little bit more--certainly not til after the whole debt crisis is put to bed (as if).

In the meantime, consider this:

"Inverted Murdoch" Like a lightening bolt from the temple of Zeus. Unleash the Kraken!, to quote Liam Neeson.

What, just because I haven't posted in ten days or so, you think I'm just screwing around?
When you say temple, are you talking about a building?
No. The side of his head, man. The flat spot right behind the eye socket.

Ahhh. Like a lightening bolt from the forehead of Zeus!
Exactly. Except it came from the temple.
Now you're messing with me, right?
It's a work in progress. And it looks more like Rupert--if it, in fact, looks at all like Rupert--if you keep it inverted. Don't be spinning the thing around--that's cheating.


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