Sunday, September 18, 2011

Let all the children boogie...

Lately I've stopped typing band names into the Pandora selection box and, instead, have been inserting song titles. To wit, I typed in "Sister Morphine". I was then offered the Stones option and the Marianne Faithfull option. I chose the Stones' version.

Wow, the stuff that came out. Everybody from Cobain to Robert Johnson. And some other stuff too. And eventually, out came "Wild is the Wind" by David Bowie. Which I then typed in the search box and wow, the stuff that came out. Not the least of which was the version of Starman he recorded for the BBC Live. Really, it was just lovely.
When you type in Robert Johnson, are you referring to the Johnson & Johnson guy?
No. That's Robert Wood Johnson.
I'm referring the old blues guy who, reputedly, sold his soul to the devil.
And you don't think the Johnson & Johnson guys have done the same thing?
Anyway, somebody once wrote that Keith's guitar work on Sister Morphine was the finest musical embodiment of the heroin experience ever performed. Hard for me to tell, not having gone down that road, but I do like the song. I was watching an interview with Keith on that Charles Kuralt show a couple of weeks ago and the inquisitor asked something like: "You've given up a lot of vices. Which one do you miss the most?"

Keith stares into the distance for a minute and then says, "I really miss heroin." Then he laughs and adds, "But what junkie doesn't?"

Which, of course, brings us to this:

She looked less-good strung out.
To quote The Kinks, "I'm dying to get at her."
All I can think about is Mars Bars.
You are a very bad man.
She's not quite as vivid a performer as Mick, is she?
No. But what's that quote about Communism on a sunny day?
"Demure de merrier?"
"To see her in sunlight was to see Marxism die." Perhaps that one?
You know it is.


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