Friday, September 16, 2011

No One Is Safe, plus a list of The Best Movies Ever

Brief personal aside: I post this because when I was in New York I stopped by the Sunshine Theater (Houston between 1st and 2nd) and watched "Senna." More on this later.
No one is safe if the trend towards remaking "Rendezvous", Claude Lelouche's epic Ferrari-hurtling-through-early-morning-Paris documentary, continues. This one, apparently, features a Porsche blasting through a European city I don't recognize. My preference would be that the woman shut the hell up, but I, obviously, wasn't the sound guy.

All of which is fine, but if you only have time to watch one 9-minute madman-hurtling-through-the-gloam movie, watch this one instead. If for no other reason than the driver's complete disregard for red lights (@18 of them by my count), this wins hands down. It is simply unbelievable:

The miracle of this movie is, of course, the sound. The current thinking is that the camera itself was mounted on the bumper of a high-performance Mercedes sedan because the ride, and thus the image quality, would be smoother. Lelouche then created the soundtrack using a Ferrari 275. Because no matter how you slice it, Ferraris sound better than Mercedes.

And, as promised, here is a list of the best movies ever:

Documentary, under 10 minutes: "Rendezvous" (see above)
Documentary, under 20 minutes: "I'm Keith Hernandez" (insert this phrase in the TYOMP search box and you'll find it)
Documentary, 60 minutes or longer: "Senna" (in theaters now)
Documentary, 60 minutes or longer, not involving cars: "Confidence Game" (Directed by Nick Verbitsky and still in post-production. I just saw a rough-cut. Interviews with yours truly, plus my portrait of Jimmy Cayne featured heavily.)
Full length Fiction: I'm still going with "McCabe and Mrs. Miller." But I could be wrong on this one. All my taste is in my mouth.

I have some additional thoughts about both Senna and Rendezvous, but I'll wait on those for now.


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