Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A Moveable Feast

Just put on some black and trapped a bug while doing so. Which only adds to the protein content of the work--so that surely must be all for the good. Moments earlier I finished The Sun Also Rises, which was good clean fun for sure, and immediately bought A Moveable Feast.

Which was a mistake (albeit a damned easy one to make--one click of a button on my Kindle and there it appears).

Not a mistake because A Moveable Feast is a lousy book, but because later, when I think back on the two, having read them back to back, I'll never be sure whether the thing I'm remembering comes from the first book or the second. I mean, I'll remember that the bull-fights were in one book and Gertrude Stein was in the other. But the small things... Those are the ones that are going to get confused.

The plus side of the coin? In my incipient dementia I can still paint. I mean, what's to forget? It's all just staring back at you.


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