Monday, November 28, 2011

Molly Crabapple

Check out the web site of an artist named Molly Crabapple.

Wow. I like some of it quite a bit.

I came across Ms. Crabapple when a member of the Commentariat attached this observation to the post just below this one, plus one more. Meaning it's not the one just below, it's the next one:
"This Molly Crabapple, what's the deal with her?"

"She's this hot young NYC chick who draws, damn well in fact. The prices for her originals are pretty reasonable too."

"So we have a choice between Raymond, the Madoff-lookalike who charges $7,500 an hour, and this hot chick?"
I wonder how much her stuff goes for? I'd buy this:

Which is really wonderful. And this:

The answer to the guy's rhetorical question is this: If you, dear reader, have enough discretionary scratch to buy a painting from me for $103,000...

... you surely have enough money to also buy one of hers.
You should tell them you don't get any kind of a cut.
Good idea. I don't get any kind of a cut.
That it's the purest sort of a thing...
What is?
Telling people to buy other artists' work.
Yes it is.
Me? If I had 100K sitting around, I think I'd buy a Porsche Panamera. Bright red, but with four doors because I'm a sensible person. Screw art.


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