Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Super Tuesday

I think there's too much talk of politics on the blog lately.
You do?
I do.
Okay. Maybe you're right. But Super Tuesday always gets my sap flowing.
I hear you, but still. Michael Steele? Really?
I know. I swear he's a changed man.
Enough already with the politics.
Alright. I'll talk more about painting and music and stuff.
While we're on the subject, enough about Judy Garland too.
But ... but ...
No buts. And no more talking about your turntable either.
But ...
Why don't you just paint the goddam Keynes painting?
So this is what the new Greek austerity program is doing to you? Turning you into a humorless nag?
Yes, I suppose it is. But I find that firing everybody in order to achieve a smaller government is an odd way to stimulate job growth. It's hard to keep a smile slapped on your face.
Now who's talking politics?


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