Friday, June 15, 2012

Morrison Hotel

You'd be surprised how many people send me naked photos of themselves.  This is based on one:

A subset ask if I have any of myself I can send back.  Thus, for you completists, consider this:

Shot in the mid-70s and titled "Self Portrait with Pentax" it speaks quite directly to the notion of camera as phallus.  Plus, check out the aviators and my nascent 'fro.  It was during this period of my life that I was widely considered one of the great white leapers of my time.

Brief personal aside:  Typically I'd wear three pairs of socks when playing basketball.  The first pair would be tube socks with a couple of stripes that I'd pull up as high as I could--just below the knee.  The second pair would be plain white, which I'd also pull up--about mid-calve.  The third pair would be another set of striped tube socks, older ones; usually a bit stretched out.  I'd put them on inside out, then fold the tops down over my shoes, thus exposing the stripes as they were meant to be seen.  Jazzy sort of spats, if you will.  A nod to the Nicholas Brothers and the improvisational nature of basketball.  I was typically wearing orange canvas high-top Chuck Taylor All-Stars, but at some point switched to leather Nikes.  Majestic was the word that came to mind at the time.

Also note the definition in my lower abdomen.  Surely we've all seen this:

Same thing.  It's like I'm Adonis.  Or Jim Morrison!

I also think I have artistic hands.

These belong to Georgia O'Keefe, just for reference.


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