Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Oh Canada...

If we learned only one thing from the recent Olympics, it was that Canada has the best national anthem of all.

Armed with this knowledge, plus some fairly expensive tickets (more than the cost of seeing the Rolling Stones at Madison Square Garden a few years ago), I depart tomorrow morning for Montreal.
I'm a dreamer.
The purpose of my visit is to witness the Grand Prix of Canada.  And hopefully to watch Kimi Raikkonen finish first in his shiny black Lotus.  Fernando Alonso in his shiny red Ferrari is the fall-back position.  Anybody but Hamilton is the mantra.

The reason anybody but Hamilton is the mantra is because the man's a whiner.  Scheduled to make 30 million next year--salary alone--would it kill you to stop moping around?

I will report back, with pictures, on Tuesday.


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