Thursday, September 20, 2012

Lehman Schmeeman

As annotated in NYC.  Honestly, I'm now gonna grab some gesso and white out the stuff that really annoys me.

Can you be more specific as to your annoyance?
Sure.  The stuff that pisses me off isn't what I disagree with.  It's the stupid stuff.  The 'I Heart NY' stuff.  That's the best you've got?  I worked hard on this painting, then schlepped it down to Wall Street, and 'I Heart New York' is the best you've got?  
Roger that.  I'd be pissed if I were you.
You are me.
Also, when parents let their kids just draw away is also annoying.  This, interestingly enough, happens more in Troy than it does in NY.  Is the thinking that I'm here to provide a coloring book for their fucking kids?  Please, a little respect for the work.
Thanks.  That clears it up nicely.
I knew it would.

Favorite comment?  A couple:

--What did we learn?
--Changing banks from the inside.
--The horror...  The horror.
--Biblical oral creatures of habit.

What could that last one possibly mean?
Beats me.  
Maybe it's something about Jesus' wife?
Maybe.  Who knew he was even married?
I know.  I was like, Dog!
But I'd like one more comment about annotations I like or don't like...
If you look at about the 10:30 mark, just below "carpe diem", you can see where somebody wrote "New York is a... Dream"
I like that.  
Okay.  Although, truth to tell, it's a lot like writing I love NY.
Yes it is.  Except it isn't.
It's also a lot like poetry.
Nicely said.  And who doesn't like poetry?  And there's a long screed by one former Lehman guy about throwing Fuld out during a company softball game.  You can see it in green in the top right.
And finally, if you look just above his head, someone from Russian wrote "LEMAN-WMUMAH" which aren't the correct letters because my keyboard doesn't type Cyrillic, if that's even what they call it.  When I asked him to translate he made a big face and said it was hard.  An idiom.  What he finally said to me, after talking to his girlfriend in Russian, was "It's kind of like 'Lehman Schmeeman.'"  Which I liked.


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