Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Michigan seems like a dream to me now.

Sitting in the studio, ostensibly doing the necessary reflection required before jumping into Remembering Lehman but actually just listening to my new speakers at a volume the guys next door to me, who at ten pee em are still working, probably don't appreciate.

Rough schematic:  The Cowboy Junkies takes you to David Crosby which takes you to Tommy James and the Shondels (just for Crimson and Clover, but still...) which takes you to U2 which takes you to Portishead which takes you to Mazzy Star which takes you to Chumbawamba which takes you to Paul Simon and Graceland which takes you inexorably to Garfunkel joining him for America which takes you to Bridge over Troubled Waters, just because it makes me think fondly of my mother.  My poor, old, long-dead mother.  Who loved that song.

Hi Ma.  Could you hear it?  I played it loud enough.

And somewhere along the way you can't help but wonder about the best Paul Simon lyrics of all time.

"The Mississippi Delta was shining like a National guitar" might just be the greatest line he ever wrote, but Lord have mercy there's a lot to be said for "'Cathy I'm lost,' I said though I knew she was sleeping."

Which is just the sort of thing the protagonist of "Saigon: Too Big To Fail" would say to his Chinese/Vietnamese girlfriend.  If her name was Cathy instead of Feebi.  This would be before she sends him out onto the sidewalk to buy her a flower and then, in his absence, blows up, herself included, the entire contents of an expensive French restaurant packed with high-level American military and CIA and their high-priced mistresses.

Yes, obviously.  Because after that she was dead.

Graceland is a sonically complex album and to turn it up loud, lean back into the sofa and just let it wash over you is the whole reason for buying these speakers.  Plus, they're a tax deduction.

Now there are plenty of people who have turned Graceland up loud and leaned back into their sofas and just let it wash over them.  But I can assure you that what that sounds like and what this sounds like are two very different things.

Plus, they're a tax deduction.


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