Thursday, September 06, 2012



Hot Ziggety!

This is how it happens, dear friends.  One minute you're looking at your Paul Ryan painting, reflecting on how you don't really feel like painting Obama and then it hits you:


--Easy to paint
--Plenty of room for annotations


--Feels a bit like a cop-out
--Doesn't look very much like Obama.

Note:  The above was generated in less than five minutes using a program called Artrage Studio Pro.  They make an iPad app for five bucks that is, honestly, wonderful.

I'm reminded of the Bob Marley line.
Which one?
"One good thing about music.  When it hits you feel okay."
Same with art.
Very much my thinking as well.  And I wouldn't worry about it not looking like Obama.  You haven't painted a portrait in months that actually looks like the guy.  Besides, its a metaphor.
Good point.
Metaphor might be the wrong word.
Yeah.  But it's something.
Yes it is.


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