Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Proof you can paint anywhere

This is a picture of a studio I rented part-time in New York circa 2007 or 8.  The painting is four by five.  Which means the studio must have been eight by ten,  maybe.  I was standing in the door when I took the shot.

The painting, eventually titled "Spikus Aurelius," was a portrait of my buddy Lawrence.  You can see the shot of his head lying on the table in the lower right hand corner.  My feeling is that it's a classic, but you can judge for yourself by heading to the Peter McManus Cafe where he bar tends, usually nights.  He'd probably sell the thing if you gave him 50K.

For you completists, I'm listening to David Crosby's first solo album after CSN, titled "If I Could Only Remember My Name" on MOG.  Wow.  It's like doing drugs without the harmful side effects.


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