Monday, September 10, 2012

Remembering Lehman

Getting my driver's license was almost the second most important thing to happen to me today.  There was some thinking that my new speakers would arrive as well.

This clearly has not happened.  But here's a picture of one:

And then there was the whole business -- the whole ongoing business -- of what to paint.  I can easily see why postal workers start shooting people.

And then I came up with Remembering Lehman.

The general thinking now is to paint Richard Fuld for a fifth time, perhaps this time in black and white, since I love how the annotations look, and take him down to the city to acknowledge September 16th.

September 16th, forever known as the night they drove Old Dixie down.

That can't be right.

September 16th, 2008, forever known as they day they blew Old Lehman up.

Question:  Do you take it to the actual scene of the crime?  Now Barclay's?  Up on 7th Ave, or wherever it was?  Or do you keep it downtown, by the Stock Exchange?  That is the question.


Blogger Samcahil said...

Congrats on your license. !!!

2:56 PM  

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