Friday, October 26, 2012

Red door

Enough with the angst, already.

Earlier in the evening someone asked me for the address of my blog.  So I gave it to her.  I then rushed back to the studio to throw something of substance up, so the first post she sees isn't all the sturm and drang about my current low ebb.  Because honestly, whining is pathetic.  Isn't it?

One of my favorites seemed like a good idea.  Black and white seemed appropriate, given my mood.  As you can probably guess, I came up with Black and White Krugman...

Although I could have gone with this -- St. Joan Receives the Spirit of the Lord ...

Or Black and White Ryan ...

Or The American Investor ...

God Almighty, that's a painting.  Although if I'm giving people red markers I'm not sure if it qualifies as a black and white painting.

Are you done now?
Yeah, I guess.  Why?
'Cause with that fourth one it feels like you're just showing off.
Wow, that's harsh.
I'm just saying...
I could put more up.  These are only the black ones.
Like that Rolling Stones song about the red door.
So you're still in a mood.
A bit, yes.
The girl I'm dating is great except for one thing; she's addicted to brake fluid.  The good news is that she tells me she can stop anytime.


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