Tuesday, November 06, 2012

27 Years Ago

Twenty-seven years and about seven hours ago (that is to say, about quarter of seven in the morning) I was hurtling east on Route 4 towards one of those little suburban towns (the names of which I've gladly forgotten) that populate northern New Jersey.  This particular one contained the birthing center that my Then-Wife and I had chosen to host the arrival of Daughter #2.  In the passenger seat, the Vessel herself was screaming, "I'm having the baby now!"  At the same time, Route 4 was experiencing the inevitable sclerosis brought on by the morning rush hour.  Imagine, dear friend, being stuck in 10 mph traffic when your passenger is screaming, "I'm having the baby now!"  As I got close to the turn-off I said fuck this and started driving on the shoulder.

We arrived at the birthing center in what one could only describe as a major lather (although eye-witnesses later reported it to be a Ford Taurus wagon).  The nurses, used to this sort of thing, suggested we calm down.  They took the one who was my wife at the time into the back room to check her dilation (if that's the right term--it's been 27 years and seven hours).  Then everybody started leaping around.  If only they'd listened to me in the first place.  Anyway, half an hour later Daughter #2 was extant.  Which makes this her 27th birthday.

One of her friends posted this picture on Facebook.  And although I usually leave my kids out of the ugliness known as The Year of Magical Painting, I couldn't resist.

With friends like this, the saying goes, who needs enemies.

To set the record straight, Daughter #2 is a beautiful, accomplished young woman with an array of gifts and talents.  Despite the degree to which I'm emotionally stunted, I love her very much.

Here's a post from 2007 ...


My daughter Meaghan is 22 today;
The finest of daughters in every way.

And since every year I seem 2 love her more,
I can't wait until she's 44.

I like this photo better (although I'm gonna scrounge around and find a really good one and post it).  And that's a mighty nice poem, if I do say so myself.


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