Thursday, November 01, 2012

Barnegat Bay Sneakbox

Bruce Springsteen once suggested finding the secret of the universe in the engine of an old parked car.  Me?  For me it was catboats.  Wooden catboats on Barnegat Bay.

Just so we're clear...

(Note:  for some reason, you have to click on the box above to see the image.  Check out the date.)

This is what one looks like sitting in a garage...

When you were fourteen, it felt like an extremely mean machine.

If you google Sneakboxes, you usually find pictures of the non-sailing version.  They started out as rowable hunting boats, then evolved into a popular sailing class on Barnegat Bay.

We all have fundamental images of ourselves -- that collection of mental jpegs that chronicle who we really are.  One of mine, certainly, is me sailing my Sneakbox in my early teens.  I close my eyes and I can see it like it is still real.


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