Sunday, November 04, 2012

Oh sweet mystery of life, at last I've found you.

In a perfect world, I'd insert the u-tube clip of Madeline Kahn's post-coital operatic rendition of this line right here.  But the world's not perfect.

I know this how?  I know this because my DVR box refused to record the Grand Prix of Abu Dhabi in today's early morning hours.  If it had, I'd be watching right now instead of talking to you.

Here's the official first two paragraphs:

Kimi Raikkonen held Ferrari's Fernando Alonso at bay in a super-dramatic Abu Dhabi Grand Prix in Yas Marina on Sunday evening, to score Lotus's long overdue first 2012 victory in great style.

But a blend of great driving, superb strategic work and pure luck with safety-car interventions saw Red Bull's Sebastian Vettel retain his championship lead with a strong third place after starting on medium tyres from the pit lane....ยป

Oh my God.

As you likely know, the whole idea is for Alonso to win the championship in his shiny red Ferrari and for the Flying Finn to score a couple of wins for Lotus.  The mantra was Anybody but Hamilton.  While it would have been nicer for the annoying Sebastian Vettel (who, actually, appears to be a nice enough fellow and he can drive a car like ringing a bell) to have coming in 8th.  Or even 10th.  But we can't always get what we want.

So long as we can get what we need.

For you completists, I had a brisket, black bean and avocado omelette this morning.  Drizzled with a goober of chipotle/ranch dressing, it was wonderful beyond belief.  I'm listening to Frog Holler's album titled "Believe It or Not" as I type.  Go on MOG and check out Frog Holler.  They remind me of the Floating Men.  Which, believe me, is as good a thing as I can say about anything.


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