Sunday, November 11, 2012

Nightly Prayers

"Nightly Prayers" being the final title of the painting.  Which looks like this ...

Wow.  It still needs two coats of varnish, but I have slathered it with a shitload of clear gloss medium, which adds to the painting's otherworldly qualities.  It also does something for the color.  Look at the post below this one and see how the bit of red in the upper right corner pops in the second, post-gloss, image.

Second thought, don't do that.  I can't really see much difference.  But in the flesh, I can assure you the difference is (was?  since there's no going back now?) palpable.

And yes, a lesser man might second guess himself about the forehead on that kid.  But the painting is what it is, and the biggest trick is knowing when to stop.  So I stopped here.  No regrets.

Besides, it's not supposed to be a photograph.

As noted:  no regrets.  Delighted, in fact.  The whole newspaper in the background thing turned out so much better than I ever thought it would.  In fact, you may remember this ...

At the time I asked "Can this really be a good idea?"  And yes, Virginia, it was.  At least I think so, not the least of reasons being I like how the color of the newsprint (For you completists, the three types of newsprint used were faded NYTimes, new NYTimes and the salmon colored NYObserver) plays off the gilt frame.

I can't wait to sell this son of a bitch.

If you, dear reader, would like to buy it, the asking price is $27,500.  If you happen to be a JPMorgan person with an interesting story, I'll give you a significant discount.


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