Monday, November 26, 2012

One Last Little Bit About Formula 1

This is how weak a person I am.  This is how much I'm the shadow of a man, rather than a real man.  I doubt if I would do well in actual warfare.

I watched the first five laps of the Brazilian Grand Prix (on tape -- it was finished in real time) and found myself writhing around in my chair to the point where I said to myself, Man, you have got to get a grip!  Then it occurred to me that I should just go online and see who won.  That would make the race a more relaxing experience.

Moments later, having gotten the extremely unpleasant gist of the thing, I found myself staring at the still-paused television image for several seconds.  Possibly ten or fifteen.  And then I just shut the thing off and went downstairs.

I still haven't seen the race.  That is how weak a person I am.


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