Tuesday, December 18, 2012

"Ball Don't Lie"

Are you familiar with the phrase?

Two or three weeks ago, Rasheed Wallace was called for a foul he particularly didn't agree with.  As the opposing player stepped to the foul line Wallace glared at the ref.  When the player missed the foul shot Wallace said "Ball don't lie" to the ref.  For clarity, presumably, he then repeated it.

The ref called a technical foul.

"Ball don't lie" refers to the Cosmic notion that Basketball -- that greatest of sports -- is embodied by and contains therein many of the great Truths and deepest Secrets of the Universe.  That, amid the Chaos of Life, a True Order can be found within the game.  To some degree, everybody knows this and I'm just stating the obvious.  It is a truth, Jane Austen might say, Universally acknowledged.  I only bring it up because I still pine for Linsanity.

The Knicks, God blessum, are 18 and 6.  Which is great.  But it should also be understood that two of their six losses, including last night's, came at the hands of the Houston Rockets and Jeremy Lin.

Ball dont lie.

pause for introspection

Ball don't lie.


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