Sunday, December 16, 2012

Lucifer Falls

The point at which I could take no more of the Giants game arrived early today.  So I came down to the studio and spent some time screwing around, sitting on the sofa, listening to music, staring at Lucifer Falls, enjoying it all quite a bit.

Spent a lot of time thinking about PeaceBalls.  I'm worried about my ability to make the fiberglass so black that you don't notice the yellow.

I don't like to listen to music and read unless the thing I'm reading is idiocy.  Entertainment Weekly surely fits, so I was reading EW's year-end obituaries.  The one about Whitney Houston was written by Stevie Nicks.  Of all people.  And I said hmmm.

Then I said wouldn't it be fun to play some Fleetwood Mac.  I mean, when was the last time?

So I did.  I engaged the MOG and played "Rumours."  Then I got so fired up I played "Fleetwood Mac."  The combination of which, one could argue, was all you needed to know everything you needed to know about the famous version of the band -- the one with Stevie Nicks and Lindsay Buckingham.

What surprised me was how beautifully recorded both records were.  One of the pitfalls of upgrading one's stereo is that in a surprising number of cases, the recordings themselves become the weak links.  I have a four LP set of Frank Sinatra singing with the Tommy Dorsey band, and I hope, when everything was said and done, that they shot the guy who mic'd Sinatra.

And I say this not even liking Sinatra.  I always thought he sang flat.

Anyway, sometimes when something's colossally famous we lose the ability to appreciate it on its merits.  I'm referring to "Rumours," but it's worth asking when was the last time you really listened to Stairway to Heaven?  Which I just, in the spirit of fully researching everything I write on TYOMP, listened to thunderously loud.  The best part is how, about 3/4 of the way through, the electric guitar cuts first through the acoustic section of the recording and then, in the amount of time it takes music to travel perhaps ten feet, your frontal cortex.  The point being that just because you're famous doesn't mean you don't have talent.

In summation, all I'm saying is that both Fleetwood Mac albums were really wonderful.  Way better than I expected them to be.

And I say this not even particularly liking Fleetwood Mac.

Donna Summer was also in the obits.  Her I liked.

You're really going to go with "...all you needed to know everything you needed to know..."?
Yeah.  Why not?
It's confusing.  
Yes it is.  If you don't have your big-boy pants on when you're reading The Year of Magical Painting then it's not my job to hold your hand.
I might have substituted the phrase "in order to know" in place of "to know."
The first one or the second one?
The first one.
Okay.  Point taken.  But it's not your blog, is it?
Okay.  Shut up.


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