Thursday, December 13, 2012

Life of Pi

In anticipation of the movie I read the book.  C+.  Though it certainly had its charms, I was underwhelmed.  I think I'm going to wait for the movie to get to Netflix.

Anyway, there's this ...

Last night, while listening to some Floating Men and drinking a finger of Evan Williams, I started applying the paint to my thumb and then the canvas.  And, as predicted, significant forward motion was achieved.

The good part about the thumb business is that you can do it while the scroll is on the wall.  Which means you can sit back on the sofa, savor another finger, turn the various lights on and off to see how it looks in different conditions, jump up and put more paint on, sit back down, savor another finger, and so on.  All of which is not generally possible when it's lying on the floor.

All that said, if I have to mail away for a two inch African Black Wood dowel, the thing is not going to be finished finished for another week to ten days.  And I haven't even ordered the thing yet, so there's a bit of lag time in that as well.

But as far as being finished, as opposed to finished finished, we're pretty close.  I think a sprinkling of white might just close the thing out.

What about the unfinished bottom part you are prolly asking.

That's the part that's gonna get rolled up on the dowel.  Since the circumference of a circle equals the diameter times Pi, we're talking, in rough terms, 6.2832 inches of canvas needed to make one complete rotation.  Since a little bit more is in order, I'm thinking 8 inches off the bottom.  Which is about what all that unfinished white stuff represents.

All this is so easily said, old friend.  I don't even want to contemplate the hassle involved with rolling this thick, lumpy, conglomeration of canvas, newspaper and Benjamin Moore house paint around a perfect two inch dowel.  I'm painting the back of the canvas black, by the way, so when it rolls forward around the dowel, the final product will have what will look like a black line across the bottom.  If you're with me here.

I leave now for breakfast and the paper.  Remind me to show you my picture of Walt Frasier.


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