Wednesday, December 12, 2012

One Last Thing...

Take a look at this ...

It's an actual hanging scroll.  From like 1675 or something.  I bet this baby costs an absolute shit-load of money to buy.  Easier, I'm thinking, to paint my own.

Anyway, the discussion here is purely structural.  Notice the top and bottom members.  The top is actually a flat piece of wood around which the top of the scroll is wrapped and attached.  The bottom, however, is a round piece of wood.  This, I suppose, is the thing around which you wrap the scroll when you're tucking it away.  Also the weight of the wooden dowel helps stretch out and flatten the bottom of the scroll when it's hanging.

Currently, Corzine Falls is stapled to a couple of miscellaneous canvas stretchers.  Purely for convenience.  But I've been thinking about my dowel quite a bit.

The fear, dear friend, is that if you go to the local lumber store and buy a 30" piece of one-inch pine dowel, it'll just look shitty.  Even if you stain it.  Pine is pine, man.  So I was casting about for a classier lower member ...

Interesting sentence.  Aren't we all?
Please.  Can we move on?

So I've been casting about for a classier piece of wood to serve as the lower member.  Then I thought, why not Google "exotic wood dowels"?

Let me tell you, the response was breath-taking.  Two outstanding suppliers literally leaped off the page.  Cherry?  Ebony?  Leopardwood?  African Black Wood?  Unbelievable.  Try it and judge for yourself.  And they are cheap, relatively speaking.  I mean, for my purposes, given that I only need one and it only needs to be about two and a half feet long.

I like a two inch diameter.

Don't we all?
You're kidding, right?


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