Thursday, December 20, 2012

I Would Like to Say Something Nice about Tim Tebow

First: what a nice young man.

Second: never, in the history of sports, has a kid who deserved it less been handed a bigger shit sandwich.  

That's two things.
Sorry -- got out of hand.

I'll close with this:  I hope they fire Rex Ryan and the goddam general manager -- whose name will come to me in another sentence of two.  Rarely in the history of sport have two guys given such a nice kid a bigger shit sandwich.

What stunning incompetence.  From the signing of Tebow in the first place to the crazily-overpriced extension of Sanchez' contract to the complete mismanagement of the quarterback situation during, literally, the entire season.  Stunning.  No wonder Fireman Ed left.  I'm right behind him.  No exaggeration -- I haven't watched more than ten minutes of a Jets game in the last month and a half.  Most of them I've simply deleted without a glance.

And I own a Jets blanket!

Me?  I don't even really like Tim Tebow that much.  I'm always suspicious of people who put their religious beliefs on such public display (and who are not ordained).  But there's no getting around the fact that young Tebow is one of the few guys around the Jets camp upon whom no blame should be laid.

Professional athletes have brief windows, and this was an entire year wasted.  I feel bad for the kid.

Notation on the typography:  this entire post, excluding the title and the interlude with the Greek Chorus, is written in Jets Green.


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