Thursday, January 03, 2013

The Audience Weighs In

Did you ever read that G.G.Marquez book "No One Writes to the Colonel"?   Well, quit whining.  Nobody ever comments on my blog either.  At least not most of the time.

Lately, however, I seem to be in a spam-attracting mode and I get a lot of comments like ...

I’m will no longer confident exactly where you’re obtaining your information and facts... I would like to spend time finding out a lot more and also identifying extra. My homepage :: on A Palindrome For Christmas...

Granted, genital warts are no laughing matter.  But I completely reject the author's initial thesis; its fundamental assumption being that this blog, this shining city on the hill, this thing of ours, this cosa nostra, has anything to do with information or facts.  The facts of the matter?  I just make the stuff up.  By and large.

Nonetheless, once in a while, somebody does actually write something ...

a righteous rant, G. on The New Year

The translation of which being ...

Geoff.  Your post titled "The New Year" was a righteous rant.

If it wasn't so cold in my studio I'd feel better about it.


Blogger Lance Madson said...

I love that G.G.M. book. Are you the impoverished colonel or the rooster? Just wondering.

11:54 AM  

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