Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Donald Byrd, dead yesterday

Let's never forget that a group of larks is called an Exaltation. Likewise, the life of Donald Byrd, so I'm not sure sadness is the right response.  The man could really play.

Me?  I'm listening to Bitches Brew.  But later I'll be listening to some Donald Byrd.

And in the meantime, this from last night ...

And this from this morning ...

His head still needs to be narrower.  Likewise his mustache.  But at least he's got some hair.  And the whole thing is cleaner -- all those miscellaneous speckles are gone, excepting a few big ones that seemed to have voices of their own.

And who am I, on the day after Donald Byrd's death, to deny anyone their own unique voice?


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