Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Enjoy Troy

As you may know, I've been assigned one of a couple dozen Uncle Sam sculptures that will comprise a public art installation in downtown Troy this summer.  Given that it's me, I've decided to cover mine with annotations large and small, deep and trivial, long and short.

Anything is allowed except "Enjoy Troy", which shows a certain lack of imagination and gives me the same queasy feeling that I get when people write "I love New York" on my paintings.

Here's the first annotation, courtesy of me ...

Can you read it?  The word following 'it' in the 2nd line is 'snowed', and the word following 'from' in the 4th line is 'Dinosaur' -- a local restaurant.  The rest shoujld be clear enough.

On a related note, this is interesting ...

This is my Paul Krugman painting at the moment in time where I whited out all the stupid shit that people decided to write on it.  "I love New York" being the primary offender.  But I wasn't taking things like "Bob was here" either.  If I go to the trouble of painting the damned painting, you can go to the trouble of thinking up something cogent to say.

In the end, as you surely know, it looked like this ...


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