Sunday, February 03, 2013

Superbowl Commercials ...

... are rarely actually hilarious or interesting or groundbreaking or whatever else the people from the public relations firm retained by the NFL want you to think they are.

Sure, throwing that hammer through the screen was cool, way back in the day.  And there have been others.  But really, this whole annual hoopla surrounding the Super Bowl commercials is a load of shit.  Their only real distinction is that somebody has paid a great deal of money to air them during this particular moment in time.

Me?  I don't start watching the game til an hour past kick-off.  I then motor through all the commercials and the half-time show.  Which also, by and large, never lives up to the hype.

Sucks would be a better word.  
Nicely said.
Although Prince playing in the rain was pretty spectacular.
Yes it was.  But did you see Madonna?
Good point.  That was downright embarrassing.
Made me want to peel every inch of my skin off and roll around in salt.
Made me want to push my fingers into the back of my eye sockets and pop the damned things out.
If Madonna still had a brand, which -- let's be real -- she doesn't, it would have demolished it.
An old woman in fishnets and a leather bustier.  Gaaaah.  
Don't these people have people who can tell them when they have a bad idea?
Every junkie's like the setting sun.
Nicely said.

Except for this:  Mercedes is going to announce something in the 4th quarter and I'm going to tune in for that one commercial.  I'm a big fan.  The Batmobile (by this I mean my car, which I call the Batmobile, not the famous one in the movies) is made by Mercedes.  And I do like it quite a bit.

So if they have something to say to me, I'm gonna listen.  Otherwise, fast-forward.


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