Monday, March 11, 2013

Amazing what one finds while poking around

I was poking around an old Japanese art and antique store earlier today.  The proprietor, who, based on visual evidence, must have been 120 years old, said "Wait here.  I might have something for you."

He went in the back room for a while -- I could hear him scrounging about -- and when he returned he pulled this out ...


"How much?" I asked.
"Fifteen grand to you, you raggedy-assed, ashey motherfucker," he said with a soft smile.
What kind of a store is this? I remember thinking.  But I quickly realized that moments like this come once in a lifetime.
"Sold," I said.
"Cash only," he replied.
So I pulled out all the cash I had and gave it to him.

On my way home I noticed a typographical error in the third panel.


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