Saturday, March 09, 2013

Bleeker Bob's Closing

As if having Uncle Sam's head come off in my hands wasn't bad enough, I just received word that Bleeker Bob's, the record store in Greenwich Village, is closing.  As the owner and frequent user of a turntable, it always makes me sad when a record store closes.  I should go back to bed before anything else bad happens.

Bleeker Bob himself was, by most accounts, a bit of an asshole.  I mean, you don't get a tribute on Seinfeld unless you're a bit out there.

Bob's will be replaced by a frozen yogurt store.  Shit happens.  Life moves on.  I'll have the strawberry swirl with peanut-butter cup crunchies on top.

The Soup Nazi of vinyl, a wag might observe, gets his just desserts.


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