Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Tin Roof...Rusted!

Everyone wonders what it is that the B-52s shout in the middle of Love Shack.  Well, it's "Tin roof ... rusted!"  Italics mine.  That said, the name of this post really should read "Twitter Account ... Hacked!"

How could I, the owner of eight followers and the author of six tweets, have been hacked?  Who cares about me in the land of Twitter?  Shouldn't Joe Scarborough be hacked instead of me?  Or Mika?  It's been suggested that he prevailed in the Scarborough/Krugman slugfest that Charlie Rose hosted last night.  I taped it but if Scarborough wins I'm not sure I want to watch.

Anyway, back to Twitter.  Now I'm worried about whomever hacking into everything else.  Let them try hacking into my bank account.  Ha!  The joke will be on them.

The tweet, you're no doubt wondering, read ...

I love this!  I made $174.93 this week just doing surveys.  

Honestly, how pedestrian.  To be hacked with some stupid tweet like that is the most embarrassing part.  Couldn't it have been something good?  Imaginative?  There was a link included as well.  The link read ...

apps.facebook.com/bunch of numbers

I don't dare click on the link for fear of the unknown.  Thank God I don't have any naked photos on my cell phone.

It's deleted now, so remain calm.  And I've changed my password. And I'm under-impressed with Twitter.com in that they seemed totally unconcerned about the whole thing, electronically directing me to a list of FAQs, one of which instructed me to change the password and man-up.

That last part is me, but still ... I feel violated.  Dirty.  And I woujld have preferred something along the lines of "send us the offending tweet and we'll investigate."

You shoujld change the passwords on all your accounts.
Are you crazy?
No, seriously.
I love my password.  No way I'm changing.
What is it?
Good God, man.  Don't actually tell me.
Why not.  I'm Pancho.  You're Lefty.  I'd trust you with my life.
Lovely, but still ... what about the people reading the blog?
They don't give a shit about me.  Besides, by the time they get to the Greek Chorus sections their eyes glaze over anyway.
It's the fact that you refuse to indent that makes it hard to read.
I know.  But you try indenting that many times.
I'd like to hack into Mika.
You and me both, my friend.

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