Friday, March 01, 2013

Ahhhh, the new millenium

I'm celebrating 2001, A Blog Odyssey by buying new glasses from Parker-Warby.  Is this meaningful to you?  You send them your scrip and they send you some glasses.

I'm going with something called the Edgeworth ...

I love the tortoise-shell frames with metal ear pieces.

Dog!  It's almost Steampunk!
I know.  Right?
So you mail them your ophthalmological details and some money and they send you the glasses?  How could that possibly have a happy ending?
Dunno.  Prolly not really going to do it.
Yeah.  There's lots of stuff I say I'm gonna do but don't.  It's part of my process.
Like painting that stupid astronaut.
You think I'm not painting the astronaut?
Okay, take a look at this ...

Blow me.
It's a little hard to tell if it's an astronaut.
No it isn't.  All that black in the back is space, man.  And the black round thing in the upper middle is the visor of his helmet.
Who's winning now?
You think this is a competition?
Of course it is.  
Very sad.  Very sad indeed.
Who's winning now?
You are.


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