Thursday, February 28, 2013

Pitching MoMA

For those of you thinking about pitching an idea to the Museum of Modern Art, I'm not sure if this represents good news or bad ...

This was attached to an email sent to me by a reputable gallery -- Lyons Wier -- so there is a higher level of probability that it's real than might otherwise be the case.  I'm reluctant to say higher than 10%, though, if for no other reason than the fear of looking like one of those people who thinks articles in The Onion are real news.  But still, somebody has a sense of humor, either at the gallery or somewhere deep in the bowels of the Bastion of Modern Art (BoMA).

Me?  I'd like to have seen the pitch letter.

Go here for artists section of the gallery site.  Mr. Haberny's stuff is pretty cool, although I wrestle with the urge to pronounce his last name Haber New York.


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