Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Harvey Lavan Cliburn, Jr., dead this morning

Amazing career.  A bit off topic, but it's an opportunity to post this music video ...

Best music video ever.  Shame on MTV for not encouraging this uniquely American artform.

Uniquely American?  That's a stretch, isn't it?
Maybe.  But still, watching this seems vastly superior to Jersey Shore.
Ratings, baby.
Ratings are shite.
Now you're Irish?
I've always been.  Just didn't talk that way.
Who would have thought that many supermodels could have lip-synced so beautifully?
Good point.  Catherine Zeta-Jones coujld barely handle it at the Oscars, and she's a professional actress.
The world's a funny place.  I love the exploding guitars.
Me too.
And in a video filled with beautiful women, Christie Turlington is simply too beautiful for words.
To see her in sunlight is to see Marxism die.
Nicely said.
And Cindy Crawford?  Dog!
To see her writhing in a tub is to see Libertarianism exposed for the mumbo-jumbo it truly is.
Nicely said.
Somebody should notify Ayn Rand.
Or Rand Paul.
Or Paul Ryan.
Or Ryan O'Neil.
Somebody should notify Tip O'Neil.
Or Ted Kennedy.

The entire opening chapter of Black Water by Joyce Carol Oates consists of this ...

The rented Toyota, driven with such impatient exuberance by The Senator, was speeding along the unpaved unnamed road, taking the turns in giddy, skidding slides, and then, with no warning, somehow the car had gone off the road and had overturned in black rushing water, listing to its passenger's side, rapidly sinking.

"Am I going to die?  -- like this?"

The answer, dear reader, if you've never read the book -- novella -- is yes.  The last thing she feels is The Senator's shoe against her neck, pushing himself out the window and up to the surface.  Love means never having to say you're sorry.

Wow.  All I can think of is Mel Gibson shouting Freedom! as they rip his guts out in Braveheart.
Me too.


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