Wednesday, February 27, 2013


I depart in about an hour for Bacchus Wood Fired Pizza -- one of my preferred watering holes in Troy -- with Uncle Sam in tow.

The idea is to go public with Sam this coming Friday night.  Come to Bacchus:  have a pizza, write something on my Uncle Sam, have a beer.  Then, like they say on the back of the shampoo bottle, repeat.

The annotations you see here have, for the most part, been submitted via the interweb and inscribed by me.  But I'm too neat.  It's that whole too-neat-to-paint-like-Jean-Michel-Basquiat thing.  Anyway, the thing needs some scrawling, some drunken scrawling, to make it really feel lived in.

The reason I'm going to Bacchus now (since it's not Friday, it's Wednesday afternoon) is to shoot a couple of pictures of Uncle Sam having a beer at the bar.  Or some such thing.  These will then, arts god willing, be used to publicize the event.  Not sure it needs publicity, since the place is pretty busy on a Friday night anyway, but it's good to give people some advance notice.  Not sure it's an event either.  But there you are.


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