Saturday, March 02, 2013

I Poo Red White and Blue

Uncle Sam, from the back, taken at a slow shutter speed without a flash, so pardon the blur ...

When the sun comes out tomorrow, I'll get you a better shot.  I'd use the flash right now, but all that pure white overexposes beyond recognition.

You can see the elaborate cock descending from below the brim of the hat.  That's gonna go.  Likewise, along the hem of his coat, "I poo red white and blue".  Although I'll leave the flower.

And before anybody calls the ASPCA, or the ACLU, or what ever it is, to complain about their first amendment rights, let me say two things:  First, the Supreme Court clearly stands on my side when it comes to erasing content.  You have no standing here -- it's my party and I'll white out what I want to.

Second, were this a painting, I'd leave it intact.  Because I like the dirty stuff.  But this whole project is sponsored by the City of Troy and they are clearly looking for wholesome artistic expression that enhances one's enjoyment of the city.  Cock drawings fall into a separate category.

And, it should be said, I'm behind them 100%.  And I believe I can be so without sacrificing my artistic integrity.  If, in fact, I have any left.

I may white out some other stuff too, depending on mood.


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