Friday, March 01, 2013

Haley's Comet

Just as we get to witness the majesty of the celestial event known as Haley's Comet very very rarely, only slightly more frequently does one view a Virginia basketball win over Duke.

Which happened last night.

And what a pleasure to behold.  Me?  I started watching; Virginia took a commanding lead; Duke came roaring back at the half; I realized that it was going to make me nauseous if Duke wins; I turned the television to another station while taping the game; I watched the last several minutes live, nausea be damned; Virginia won; and as noted above, what a pleasure to behold.

Fast forward to about an hour ago:  I've returned home from a meeting with my physician to discuss the blood work related to my latest physical, with a report that was vastly more positive than I had any right to expect.  On the way home, to celebrate, I stopped at the PriceChopper and bought a bag of chips and some onion dip.  I just finished watching the first half on tape and have only come downstairs to transfer some money to Daughter #2.

I leave now to go watch the second half.

The astronaut looks like this ...

A contrarian might argue that it's finished.


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