Friday, March 08, 2013

Gibt es Schnee

German's a funny language.  People say it's easy to learn because it's orderly, highly-predictable and even though some of the words are really long (like fahrvergn├╝gen -- which is not even close to being a long German word) there's a logic to the thing.  Then it turns out that gibt es Schnee is how you say it has snowed.

Which is lovely, in a sort of a lyrical way for an off night.  Like it was a gift or something.

Well, a whopping helping of snow was given to Troy last night.  And there's a cool blue whiteness to my studio as the snow reflects light that would otherwise be absorbed by the tarmac of Broadway and the grass on Monument Square through my windows, off my ceiling and into my brain.

I might grab a nap before lunch.


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