Sunday, March 10, 2013

Strippers, Elipses, Those Annoying White Bands, and the Oxford Comma. A series of questions ...

... from the Greek Chorus.

A couple of questions, if I may?
By all means.
Question One: I was surprised, given the level of specificity you attached to the rest of the casting for your version of West Side Story, that you referred to the Jets Girls and Sharks Girls simply as generic strippers.  A man of your dubious past, your keen appreciation of the darkness on the edge of town, your almost creepy obsession with the abyss -- I would have thought you'd be providing the names of the clubs where they danced.
Answer:  Excellent question, although I think you do go on a bit at the end.  Interestingly enough, I thought about the same thing myself.  I had the notion that some character insights might be gleaned -- as I think they can be if one reflects upon the difference between Goldman traders and what used to be Bear traders -- based on the clubs in which the girls danced.  But when I googled "Best strip clubs in New York" then went to Time Out New York's top ten list, I was troubled to find that of the ten they list I'd only been to one.  This depressed me so much I just let the whole thing drop.
Question Two:  Do you believe, as many do, that stripping is a legitimate art form?
Answer:  Yes I do.  It's the basketball of dance.
Question Three:  Why do you insist on using two sets of elipses when one would do?  The jump between the title of this post and the beginning of the body copy is an excellent example.
Answer:  I know it's wrong, but it feels right.  And because I'm a structuralist, once I started doing it regularly I decided I had to do it every time.  Funny you should mention the one above because it seems particularly ungainly to me.  But most of the time it seems okay.
Question Four:  In the post below, the lyrics of the Jets Song appear on the screen behind annoying white bands.  Why is that?
Answer:  If I cut and paste from certain sites on the web, the white background comes with it.  I used to go in and change the white bands back to black, so they'd match the black background of the blog, but I found that on mobile devices everything changes and its impossible to read.  So now I just leave it the way it is.
Question Five:  Where do you stand on the Oxford Comma?
Answer:  I'm fully behind anything that makes me look fussy and pedantic.
Question Six:  What's your favorite color?
Answer:  Heliotrope.
Lovely.  I guess that does it.  
Question Seven:  Why do you constantly repeat stuff?
Answer:  It makes me look fussy and pedantic.
Great.  Seven's the lucky number then.


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